How to Create a Website with WordPress – Beginners Step-by-Step Guide

WorldPress-2In my opinion, WordPress is absolutely the best way for anyone to build a website, but especially for beginners. It makes it easy for WordPress beginners, since it does most all of the coding for you.

(Note: Watch my video below for a complete overview of how to get your site up and running.)

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Anyone can make a WordPress website if they take some time, and follow the proper steps. Sure, there is more to learn after you get that first site up, but hey, cie la vie ­čÖé

As a first step, you may want to look at my WordPress Getting Started Checklist (Right click & “Save Link As”).

Before you actually get around to creating your WordPress site, you’ll need a couple things: a domain name and a web hosting account.

The domain name is your web address – the URL, the thingy. The web address is a unique, virtual address, not a “real” location. Your web site files are stored on a server located at your web host–it is a real, physical location.

Your domain name and your web hosting server have to be connected together,  in order for people to be able to view your website files on the internet.

This video uses the Twenty Fifteen theme,a WP default theme, so it will always be up-to-date. I also have videos at the bottom of this page which use the Twenty Fourteen & Twenty Twelve themes.

Tip: After you start video, click the icon at the bottom right of controls to watch in full-screen.

You can either buy your domain name when you purchase your web hosting or you can buy it at GoDaddy or NameCheap (my favorite), to name a few domain registrars.

Probably the simplest way is to buy your domain name at the same time you buy your hosting. I like to buy my domains at somewhere other than┬ámy web host, and it’s really simple to connect a domain with a web host, but either way is fine.

hostgator-96x96I use and highly recommend HostGator for web hosting. I’ve been using them for over 7 years, and am very satisfied. I started out with Bluehost, which wasn’t bad, but after a time I looked for a better solution, as I wasn’t entirely pleased with their support staff.

That’s when I found HostGator and made the switch. I am very glad I switched too! Their support is the best that I have dealt with, and I have had experience with several other web hosting companies in doing web design for various clients. None came close to the professionalism and expertise that I have received from HostGator.

If you are planning on buying hosting at HostGator, I have several discount codes that will save you some $$. You can read more about that here–>HostGator discount codes

After you do get your domain name and hosting, you’ll start by installing WordPress, which is a fairly simple process. If you do get stuck, I’ll also help out via email as time allows.

Once you’ve got WordPress installed, then it’s time to dig into WordPress! Watch the video above, and let me know if you have any questions.

Have fun!

This video use the Twenty Fourteen default theme. I also go over silo’ing your website content and some other SEO info.

I use the Twenty Twelve theme in this video.

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