WordPress Resources

Ok, nothing really secret here 🙂 This site is here to help you with making WordPress websites, but there are a LOT of resources out there that can greatly help you on the way!

Here are some great resources that I use (or have used)…but, as with anything, we all are different, so make your own choices as always 🙂

Please be aware that these tools (mostly free) and resources are listed here as a great source of information and I do not actually sell any of these products but will get a commission if you buy a product from some links.

If you are getting started online, it’s real easy to go gung ho and spend a lot of money on all the software, etc…so much “stuff” out there! My advice (and I wish I had done this earlier) is to only buy what you need right now…it is always tempting to buy stuff for the future, but usually it is better to wait until you really need it.

The Most Important WordPress Resources!


Free Open source software. (The best!)


Over 17,000 free plugins in the WordPress Plugin directory.


Over 1,400 WordPress free themes to choose from. ( I like using the default WP themes, but there’s many more, just do a little research before using, as some of the free themes aren’t supported well. )

WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes – Good deal for website themes. Lots of themes for one price.

Genesis – The WordPress theme I am using on this site (along with Dynamik Website Builder)  .

Themeforest – lots of nice themes, but have to be careful as some aren’t supported after awhile.


There are some free plugins, and other solutions, but I like this the best.


Royalty Free Images

Unsplash – cool site with unique free images, great for slider or full-width images

Pixabay – another site where you can find some nice images

Iconfinder – this is where I get icons, some free, some $1 or so

Paid  (sometimes this is your only option)

Image Editor

Pixlr – this has a nice free option (not desktop option, scroll down home page a little and click on Pixlr Editor)

Helpful Add-ons for Firefox (some also have Chrome options)

Helpful add-ons for Firefox (some have Chrome extensions)
(just search for add-ons under Tools in top browser menu in Firefox)





Login/Password Manager


Internet Browsers


Firefox is a free web browser that is used by many webmasters because it has great addons that help with research and SEO. There’s a list of some addons I use in this post.


Seoquake allows user to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly.


Social Media Websites

There’s more, but these are the main ones (along with YouTube of course)



Social Media Tools


If This Then That — Lots of cool “recipes” that you can use, or make your own. Good for giving sites a boost if you post updates about your blog to other sites, and this can put it in auto pilot.


Feeder Sites / Link Wheels

You can use these with IFTTT






Keyword Research Tools

https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner – Free to use. Enter a keyword and press search. Free SEO Guidelines from Google.



Resources List (some affiliate links)

Hostgator – Not the cheapest but great support and no problems for me in over 7 years!

NameCheap.com – Who I use for domains.

Email marketing

Mailchimp – Free to use until you get too big.

Aweber – I think these guys have one month trial. A lot of people use this service.

MailPoet – nice plugin that has free & paid options (I use this in my How to Make a Website Or Blog video that you can find here)