Updated WordPress Ping List 2016

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What the Heck is Pinging?

According to Wikipedia, pinging is

an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. An XML-RPC signal is sent to one or more “ping servers,” which can then generate a list of blogs that have new material.

What Is A Ping List

A ping list is a list of servers that WordPress informs whenever you publish a new post/page on your blog.

Here’s All The Ping List You Need

All you really need in your WordPress ping list are the following entries. Just click on the “copy” icon (top right) to highlight, then R click & copy (or use Ctrl C) and paste the URLs  into your Update Services under Settings–>Writing in your WP admin area.


Yes, that’s right … only 5 entries … all top-notch services that are stable and reliable (Pingomatic automatically posts to multiple other services too), and working as of September 2014.

By using the above ping list it will speed up the processing of your content and it will get your information out to all the places that need to know about it.


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