Twenty Fourteen Child Theme – Click the Easy Button!


Twenty Fourteen child theme the easy way
2014 child theme doesn’t get any easier

Ok, this IS the easiest way to install a child theme for your WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme website! I’ve done it all for you–except for uploading and installing it on your site, of course. ­čÖé

There are two (2) versions: 1 has the code for removing the left sidebar as well as center aligning the site on the screen. The other just has the centering code (which you can easily remove if you would like to have your 2014 WordPress site aligned to the left).

To use, you simply download the zip file to your computer, then go to Appearance—>Themes in your WP admin dashboard, click “Add New”, find the zip file on your computer, install and activate. (you’ll need to have the parent Twenty Fourteen theme installed, which will usually be there already unless you have removed it).

This removes the left sidebar and centers the site on the page:

This centers site only (easy to remove centering code if left alignment preferred)

Child theme DIY
Your Twenty Fourteen child theme is finished!




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